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Announcement: Schedule Change

Hi folks, The Chris and Chris podcast is changing our release schedule. Episodes will no longer be posted monthly—they will (sadly) be posted whenever we get a chance. For transparency, this is in part due to lower viewership stats, and less time we have been able to dedicate to the podcast. We have also dropped our podcast host to save costs. We give our thanks to the many dedicated listeners...

Podcast: Playing Ketchup – Guest Matt Herring

This week, we have no central topic, other than some random banter, and a few stories. But joining us is a very special guest—Matthew Herring, a music producer and good friend of ours—here to talk about his latest pursuits, and give us an exclusive sneak peak at his latest upcoming single. Matt is the one-man-show behind Seven Moons, and the producer of Sea, As Promised. Format: 128kbps Stereo...

A Message to Microsoft’s Xbox Division

Dear Phil Spencer, Get your sh*t together. Specifically, by terminating all UI designers working on the Xbox One. Even more specifically, fire whoever is responsible for updating overhauling the dashboard every few months. Why? Because I am incredibly f*cking tired of glazing over tutorials every time I want to use the damn thing. How often do you really need to reinvent your product? Just when I...

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