Podcast: Playing Ketchup – Guest Matt Herring

This week, we have no central topic, other than some random banter, and a few stories. But joining us is a very special guest—Matthew Herring, a music producer and good friend of ours—here to talk about his latest pursuits, and give us an exclusive sneak peak at his latest upcoming single. Matt is the one-man-show behind Seven Moons, and the producer of Sea, As Promised.

  • Format: 128kbps Stereo MP3 | Size: 75.7MB | Length: 01:22:43
  • Published: July 11th, 2018 | Recorded: July 1st, 2018
  • Music:
    • Intro clip: “Hands” by Matthew Herring.
      • Outro: Exclusive, full teaser of “Hands” at 1:21:21.
    • Over the break: “She Let Go” by Sea, As Promised, at 39:39.

NOTE: As of 2019, podcast episodes are now self-hosted. Streaming/download bandwidth may be limited, but this is rare.


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