Announcement: YET ANOTHER Schedule Change

Hi folks, The Chris and Chris podcast is changing our release schedule to once a month. For transparency, this is (in part) due to lower viewership stats, and less time we have been able to dedicate to the podcast. We give our thanks to the many dedicated listeners who tune into the show. We appreciate your support, and rest assured, we are doing our best to continue to provide you with high...

Announcement: Chris and Chris are Moving

To all: Today is a sad day. We are moving out of our current residence, and into separate locations for the indefinite future. We have had no choice but to delay the last episode, as we are working around the clock to meet this evening’s moving deadline (Sunday night). As stressful and exhausting these past few weeks have been, we will actually end up having more space to set up our small...

Announcement: Podcast Scheduling

Our schedule for the Chris and Chris podcast is changing…again! Due to our lack of being able to commit to a deadline—nah, just kidding! We are a two-man team and only one of us can actually edit these things (thanks, Chris!), which takes a lot of time. Because of this, we are now doing a podcast every two weeks, and will be publishing mini-podcasts in between to focus solely on one subject...

Chris and Chris Media is Currently Migrating!

Hi all,
We are currently in the final stages of website migration. Some episodes may not be available for an extended period of time as we upgrade our infrastructure, and reintegrate specific features. We will post another announcement when this process has been completed.
Thank you—and we’ll talk at you soon!

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