Podcast: Putin, Prepping, and Power Grids

Hey! Pssst!… Subscriptions are now available! Hit that hamburger menu icon (top right).  This week, we’re talking about Russian (read: Putin) meddling in the U.S. power grid, of all things, and the importance of preparing oneself in the event that we do lose power (for an extended period of time). We’ll also be touching on the latest plate tectonic news here in the Pacific Northwest...

Podcast: Playing Ketchup, Part 2 – Guest Matt Herring

Hey! Pssst!… Subscriptions are now available! Click or tap the hamburger menu icon (top right). Other content, in general, may still be temporarily unavailable while we finish migrating site content. This week, we have no central topic, other than some random banter, and a few stories. But joining us is a very special guest—Matthew Herring, a music producer and good friend of ours—here to...

Special Episode: Would You Rather: Game or Mine?

This week we’re talking about cash, while enjoying a small amount of alcohol. Kind of. Actually, we’re talking about how cryptocurrency is ruining gaming and making PC enthusiasts upset. It’s interesting, infuriating, and a lot of other things. Here’s this week’s outline.
Intro Music: “A Quick Note“
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